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Thank you for your continued expressions of appreciation for your amazing colleagues. WOW!

August 2022

Wow Card - Leah from Megan

Wow Card Emily from Upneet

Wow Card - Erica Megan from Aline

Wow Card - George from Cyndy

Wow Card Leanne from Cyndy

Wow Card - Leanne George from SCN

Wow Card - Sam from Upneet

Wow Card - Snigdha from Upneet

Wow Card - Sandi from Upneet

May 2022

WOW Card - Emily from Sam

WOW Card - Cyndy from Leah

WOW Card - Cathy from Leah

WOW Card - Linda from Jenny

WOW Card - Leah from Sandi

WOW Card - Leah from Chris

WOW Card - Laurie from Sandra

WOW Card - Erica from Leah

WOW Card - Emily from Snigdha

WOW Card - Sandi from Snighda

WOW Card - Sam from Snigdha

WOW Card - Rosanne from Leah

WOW Card - Pam from Linda

WOW Card - Sean from Snigdha

WOW Card - Snigdha from Sandi

February 2022

Wow Card Erica from Bryan

Wow Card Rosanne from Sandie

Wow Card Aline from Natasha

Wow Card Emily from Sandie

Wow Card Greg from Sandie

Wow Card Sam from Sandie

WOW Card Sean from Sandie

WOW Card - Leanne from Cyndy

WOW Card - George from Cyndy

WOW Card - Dawna from Cyndy

WOW Card - Andrew from Cyndy

WOW Card - Linda from Cyndy

November 2021

WOW Card - Andrew from Erica

After many years working with the REIN program, Rosanne has embarked on a fresh adventure with the newly formed “New Business Team”.  Many colleagues were eager to express their appreciation for all the support and expertise that she has willingly shared over the years.

WOW Card - Rosanne from Sandra
WOW Card - Rosanne from Pina
WOW Card - Rosanne from Laurie
WOW Card - Rosanne from Kathryn
WOW Card - Rosanne from Elaine
WOW Card - Rosanne from Chynthia
WOW Card - Rosanne from Chris
WOW Card - Rosanne from Chelsea
WOW Card for Rosanne from Cathy


Andy has also joined our newly formed “New Business Team”.  He recently provided support to the REIN team as they transitioned to a new underwriter. Many colleagues were eager to express their appreciation for all his help.

WOW Card - Andy from Cathy
WOW Card - Andy from Chelsea
WOW Card - Andy from Chris
WOW Card - Andy from Chynthia
WOW Card - Andy from Elaine
WOW Card - Andy from Kathryn
WOW Card - Andy from Laurie
WOW Card - Andy from Pina
WOW Card - Andy from Sandra

August 2021

WOW Card - Chynthia from Kathryn

WOW Card - Sam from Sean

WOW Card - Elaine from Kathryn

WOW Card - Erica from Berny

WOW Card - Laurie from Kathryn

WOW Card - Cathy from Sam

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