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Earlier in the month, it was announced that ICBC is considering penalizing drivers instead of vehicle owners. Considering that their reports show that one in five drivers in a crash are actually driving someone else’s car, this might not be a bad idea. While the process works itself out, you can take steps today to reduce […]

Proponents for the introduction of ride-sharing (or ride-hailing) services such as Uber in Vancouver and BC got a big win this month. An all-party committee in the legislature unanimously supported a plan for such services throughout the province. The committee’s report detailed a 32-point list of recommendations to introduce and regulate ride-sharing in British Columbia. Long story […]

We spend a lot of time delivering insurance tips regarding common homeowner concerns. Worried about weather damage, fires, break-ins, and fluctuations in the value of your home? Our insurance blog has you covered! But what about those unanticipated scenarios, the ones that range from amusing to downright comical, until they happen to you? These stories […]

Workplace harassment in its many forms is a hot topic. And while Hollywood and political arenas are getting all of the press with #metoo hashtags trending across the continent, the issue has been and continues to be a major concern for small and medium businesses in Canada. A recent survey conducted by the Government of […]

Tsunami fears sent many coastal BC residents to higher ground this week, as a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off Alaska. While the alert was called off and the unsettling wave of concern has dissipated, the event has left many BC homeowners near saltwater waterways wondering; is the threat real, and if so, is there more […]

Whether you’ve run a small business for quite some time, or are starting one this year, you are looking at 2018 as an opportunity to grow. In order to do so, you need to not only plan for the successes, but for the problems that can arise in the course of doing business. Your marketing […]

There are some standard things you already consider before buying a vehicle. You look at EPA fuel economy, cargo space, towing capacity, horsepower, suspension, the drive system, mileage and accident/repair history (for used cars) and an assortment of driver manual specs before you give it the final kick of the tires. And while all of […]

Last month we provided a winter preparedness checklist that focused on the exterior of your home. Given the current forecast for Greater Vancouver and BC as a whole, we’re following up with some advice on how to prepare the interior so that your household keeps safe from the impending freeze. Before Jack Frost comes knocking […]

Driving on the highways of BC is more unique than any other region in Canada, and this is especially true in the winter season. While many would prefer to stay off of the ice and snow-caked roads, December is a peak time for travel, and so everywhere from Crowsnest to the Coquihalla Highway will be […]