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Spring break is here and all over BC households are heading out on vacation. And while it’s a time to fulfill wanderlust dreams, your trip can result in inconvenience or an outright nightmare if necessary precautions aren’t taken. To make sure it’s more of the former, Park has updated our annual list of spring break […]

image: courtesy of ICBC Looking for a good New Year’s resolution? How does a driver refresher test sound? OK, so it may not be as fun as your pledge to travel more and other self help initiatives but it is just as worthy of your attention if not more so. From city streets to highways, […]

Last month, many BC residents and health professionals learned that concussions and mental health injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents are to be considered “minor injuries” under ICBC’s new pain and suffering cap ($5,500) on claims. While drivers certainly didn’t need another reason to avoid receiving or causing head trauma, the new rules set by the […]

Winter driving can be perilous enough for those without significant experience. But when it’s in BC, it takes on a whole other meaning, especially in light of recent events. With the official season on the way, Park Insurance is setting up a road map with tips to navigating our winter roads without increasing the risk […]

The next time you visit your insurance broker, you may be provided the option of consenting to a credit check. No, your broker is not getting into the loan business. Instead, we’re helping BC residents find out if they qualify for insurance discounts that they didn’t know they were eligible for. That’s right – your […]

October may be a beautiful time of the year as colorful leaves decorate the sidewalks of BC cities and towns. However, it’s a different scene on the road, with ICBC reporting that October is the month where crashes involving pedestrians increase by 43 percent, a statistic that doesn’t slow down until around January. In order […]

If you’ve been reading our recent articles on safe driving tips then you already know a bit about the impending ICBC changes and how the program will seek to make rates more fair. As of 2019, lower-risk drivers won’t be paying the same premiums as some high-risk drivers. For some, this is great news while for others […]

Driver fatigue is a combined form of psychological and physical fatigue that generally impairs the efficiency of anyone operating a motor vehicle. In British Columbia, there is an annual average of nine deaths and 620 injuries from 850 motor vehicle accidents involving driver fatigue. In August alone, driver fatigue is typically responsible for a total of 110 […]