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A reminder to keep your eyes on the road in school zones The new school year is here and while provincial curriculum changes are the talk of the town, there are pressing matters beyond the PTA that BC drivers need to be aware of. For one, school zones are back in effect and as always […]

Now that class is in session and parents have had a chance to catch their breath after completing a flurry of back-to-school preparations, they are looking at a long year ahead. Road safety becomes a continuous concern through the entire school annum and while we provided an article focused on how drivers can make the roads safer […]

It’s “back to school” time here in BC and while it may be an exciting time for parents who can take a bit of a breather from kid-proofing the home during summer break, it sets the table for another set of concerns, on the road. Road safety awareness needs to be ramped up through school year, […]