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Businesses face threats from all corners and have been insuring against them for centuries, since the very first policy offering for the underwriting of commercial ventures became available. A lot has changed since then, but in addition to the variety of coverage available, so too has grown the strength and diversity of perils. Unfortunately, this […]

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada, and here in BC the province has updated its own fraud resource center to make sure that residents and businesses alike have taken the necessary precautions. In fact, continuous updates to this security protocol are needed given the ever-changing landscape of online criminal activity. Awhile back, Park Insurance […]

Unless you were hiding underground with the groundhogs last week you probably caught wind of the false slip and fall incident in New Jersey that made headlines around the world, including here in BC. Surveillance video captured a contractor blatantly staging an accident and injury at his workplace. The man grabbed ice, tossed it on […]

The winter may offer BC retailers lucrative opportunities to increase sales as seasonal shoppers walk the sidewalks of commercial districts with their wallets open. However, the time of the year also presents unique risks to brick and mortar shops, making insurance coverage a hot topic behind the counter. Today, Park Insurance is here with some […]

It’s been a busy year in the world of cyber security. First came the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which made landfall on Canadian soil in April, declaring that the export of personal data outside the EU falls under their law regarding data privacy for its citizens. That means all your businesses needs to do is capture one […]

Are you choosing the right insurance options for your small business? According to a Hartford report 40% of small businesses will file a claim in the next 10 years. Given that approximately 98 per cent (396,100 and counting) of all businesses in British Columbia are small businesses and account for around 34 per cent of the […]

Being an independent contractor and/or consultant for a wide variety of B2B and B2C interests comes with many benefits. You get to set your own hours, work from your favourite coffee shop, apply tax deductions, decide who you work with, and for the most part you get to control your own destiny. However, there are […]

This March marks the 13th anniversary of Fraud Prevention Month. While the annual program focuses on protecting the consumer, businesses should take advantage of the time to better educate themselves on commercial fraud. A recent poll of Canadian businesses found that half of them know or suspect that they have been hit by fraud in past year. There are numerous […]

This article was written on the eve of the most controversial U.S. Presidential inauguration in recent history. Protests are in the works (even here in Vancouver) and riot concerns are making the news throughout the continent. Politics aside, riots remain a traditionally hot topic for many commercial business owners in Canada. The memory of the 2011 Vancouver Stanley […]

The new year has arrived. Not only are individuals resolving to make changes for the better, businesses are too. Many of those resolutions include improvements to human resource policies, customer relations, better adoption of online marketing, and a slew of revenue generating ideas. One area that is often overlooked in this renewed “to do” list is […]

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