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Info-security experts all agree on one thing—it’s been a fantastic year—for cyber attackers. Some of the notorious breaches that hit the headlines recently include LifeLabs, Desjardins and Equifax. Despite the media grabbing headlines, it is estimated that 75% of businesses still do not have an adequate, organization-wide security response to cyberattacks. At the same time, […]

Businesses face a double threat from cyber-attacks now more than ever before. The costs related to business interruption due to such attacks can be the death stroke for many businesses.  In addition, if your company handles sensitive data online, such as the personal details of employees, suppliers and customers, a breach of your IT system […]

A few months ago we shared an infographic on cyberattack prevention. Is there a need for more advice on the matter? Absolutely. The biggest concern about cybercrime is that it evolves fast in an attempt (and often successfully so) to keep one step ahead of cybersecurity. Digital criminals all over the world work around the […]

One of the biggest threats to your business today is found online. To date, approximately 70% of Canadian businesses have been hit by a cyber attack. The motivations behind these attacks vary. Some hackers think that they are serving some socio or political purpose, hiding behind the guise of hacktivism. Others insert ransomware in order […]