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By definition, a material change is a standard insurance policy statutory condition that states you must give immediate notice in writing to an insurer or broker of any change that is directly relevant to liability risk and within your knowledge and control. Any failure to promptly disclose this information can void your policy. While material change in risk […]

It’s that time of the year where homeowners are flooded with energy savings tips that will reduce their carbon footprint and monthly utility bills alike. However, did you know that by paying more attention to energy consumption you also help reduce the potential for damage and injury in the home and therefore insurance liability? Today, […]

The recently passed Cannabis Act is creating a lot of questions in the minds of Canadians. Last week, we provided information for drivers worried about the impact of the Act on the roads of British Columbia. However, there is another pressing concern for owners and tenants of residential properties in the province. New legislation permits adults to […]