Moving & Storage

Moving & Storage Insurance Coverage

Are you moving?

Do you need a place to put your household belongings while renovating?

Many household insurance policies only cover goods when they are in the house and not in transit or storage.  It is up to you to make sure that your goods are properly insured against loss or damage including theft.

When your household furniture and possessions are in transit or in storage, shippers and storage companies do not always provide adequate protection, or any insurance in some cases.  For example:

  • Few self-storage companies offer a full range of insurance protection for your stored possessions within the standard rental charges that you pay.
  • Storage facilities are not responsible and do not insure your stored possessions against natural disasters, weather, fire, and other events beyond their control.
  • Common carriers are not always liable for the actual value of your goods.  They may insure your goods by weight but not cover replacement costs should your personal items be damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Some carriers have restrictions on insuring fragile goods, fine arts, antiques, and electronic equipment.
  • If you do buy additional insurance from common carriers or storage facilities, you will likely find that their prices are much higher than buying insurance from an independent insurance broker.
  • Claims processes through a common carrier or storage facility can be long and tedious.