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What REIN Members Are Saying About
The REIN Ultimate Insurance Program…

“In the process of my claim, I was highly impressed by the professionalism and speed that my concerns were dealt with. I already knew that Park Insurance’s rates were highly competitive and with the experience of this process I also know that the people behind the rates care about their customers.” — J. M.

“I have to compliment you on your amazing service and program.  This process has been efficient, smooth and hassle free.  I thank you for your excellent swift service.” — J. V. H.

“[We] appreciate what you do when it comes to providing us with the best of home policies and total coverage. Your personal attention has not gone unnoticed.” — B.B., Belsha Investments, Ontario

“Thanks for your assistance in arranging insurance coverage on our first investment property. You did an excellent job of explaining Park’s program for REIN members and answering our questions. We look forward to working with you in the future.” — G & P.C.

“I am writing this letter to you to both thank and commend your staff on a job well done. They deserve my highest praises. Your staff worked extra hard to help me get what I needed.  From the start, I found them to be informative and professional.  They represent your company well.  I thought you should know.” — R. D.

“We are so grateful to have this new coverage and it was a pleasure working with Bryan.  It is this kind of support and huge value products that make us thankful and proud to be REIN members.” — M & R.G.

“Just a quick note to compliment Rosanne on the excellent work done in getting the insurance policies issued for us. I’ve been to several insurance brokers before, only to come back more confused than ever. Rosanne was very forthcoming and took the time to patiently guide me on the technical aspects of the policy, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your company to other investors.” — L. M.

“I recently switched property insurance for all my properties to the REIN Park Insurance program and am really glad I did. Shortly after switching a basement suite was significantly vandalized by the tenant’s guests. If I had not switched the insurance to Park, the coverage would have been inferior for a higher premium. While processing the claim, I greatly appreciated the professional way the claim was handled by Park and Aviva. Park quickly connected me with Aviva and Aviva maintained excellent communication with me and my property manager throughout the process.  I was really impressed with the excellent coverage I received.  Aviva covered replacement of all the broken windows and, because there was so much glass in the carpet, they also offered to replace all the flooring without any hesitation to do so.  I also received loss of rent coverage which I discovered was not provided by the previous insurance company. The coverage provided by Aviva for my claim is very fair and I am very pleased with the service. It was great to deal with an insurance company that clearly understands rental properties. I recommend all REIN members get their rental properties insured with the REIN program through Park Insurance.” — D. S.

Our dealings with Rosanne and Park Insurance have been outstanding.  Rosanne is very knowledgeable in her field and works hard to answer all of our questions and to complete our request as quickly as possible.  Rosanne goes above and beyond when we are time crunched and require a quick turn-around with coverage.  She is very familiar with our portfolio and we greatly appreciated the relationship we have established with her. We are very satisfied with the coverage that we have with the REIN Investor Guard package and the claims that we have had have been handled in a manner exceeding our expectations.Thanks Rosanne and Park Insurance for great service! — L & N. T.