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Business Insurance and Risk Management

From bricks-and-mortar retailers to online technology firms, our insurance experts can help you protect your business assets and revenue stream. By adopting risk management strategies and buying business insurance, you can protect your company’s future. Getting it right is critical.

Start by managing risk in 4 simple steps.

A comprehensive and consistently applied risk management program can reduce your company’s physical losses and improve bottom line performance. However, no risk management program is fail-safe. Human error and natural disasters make it impossible to eliminate all potential losses all of the time. Here’s how to start managing risk:



The precise nature and potential frequency of risks that are unique to your business.



And prioritize the potential impact of each risk.



Strategies to reduce each risk.


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To negotiate with insurers and secure the most cost-effective and best protection against any financial loss.

A custom-fit for your business insurance 24/7/365.

Your business runs around the clock and you need coverage to provide protection day-in and day-out. While insurance can cover virtually every insurable risk of a business, the various options, extensions and limits can be complex to navigate.
We listen to your needs. Our experts provide helpful guidelines to enable you to make informed decisions. As your broker, we help you select the precise package that will meet your business insurance needs.

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Protect your business assets with 3 best practices.

  1. Keep good records. Take an inventory of your contents, including original costs, ensures that when a loss happens, you can file an accurate claim with your insurer. Give a duplicate list to your accountant, or keep it off premises.
  2. Practice loss prevention. Many insurers offer discounts for good risk management practices. Install protection devices such as a security system, smoke detectors, fire alarms and sprinkler systems. Conduct safety programs or campaigns for your employees. Ask us if your insurer can help identify ways to minimize your insurance claims.
  3. Never underinsure. It’s important that you determine how much protection you need and insure your property for its full value.

Knowing your risks can help you manage business risk.

Our guide to Insurance & Risk Management can help you eliminate and minimize your business risks.

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From local start-ups to national firms, we insure B.C. businesses.

  • Associations and Non-Profits
  • Commercial Offices
  • Construction and Trades
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturers

  • Professionals
  • Real Estate
  • Retailers
  • Technology
  • Service Providers

  • Small Business
  • Special Events / Conferences
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation Services
  • Wholesalers and Distributers

We put your insurance needs first.

We can prepare a no-obligation risk survey for your business and find the best coverage at the best price. As an independent broker, we assess national and international insurance companies to secure coverage that meets your needs.

With more than 60 years of experience, we are uniquely positioned to care for all of your insurance needs. Contact a member of our team today to experience how we put your needs first.