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Group Insurance Programs

What is a Group Insurance Program?

Whether your group represents professionals, independent businesses or non-profit organizations, a group insurance program benefits your membership, while at the same time helps your association thrive.

Our group insurance services not only provide insurance coverage for the association and individual members, we also work with you to identify your risks and outline ways to manage them.  These consultations and the administration of the group insurance program are provided to you at no charge!

Park Insurance administers the group insurance program on your behalf, including communications, premium quotations and enrolment directly with the group members.  We will even care for the distribution of helpful information to your members or employees about the program, along with ongoing upgrades.

Park Insurance Group Insurance Programs

Here is a sampling of the types of groups and associations that we can service:

  • Professional Organizations and Associations
  • Businesses and Business Associations
  • Trade Associations
  • Universities and Colleges

  • Alumni Associations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Employee group insurance
  • Other

Benefits To Sponsoring Organizations

Your group insurance program is tailored by Park Insurance to meet the precise needs of your membership, which translates into significant benefits to you, as the sponsoring organization.  For example, implementing a group insurance program by Park Insurance:

  • Provides an opportunity to enhance your current benefits package.
  • Tangibly demonstrates your organization’s ability to remain sensitive to the needs of your members.
  • Incurs no additional costs to your organization for the administration or co-administration of the program.
  • Integrates seamlessly with your organization’s affinity program offerings and is developed in conjunction with the organization’s strategic goals, such as member retention, service reliability, and revenue growth.

Benefits To Members

When you implement a group insurance program from Park Insurance, your members gain access to the broadest coverages and limits available, while at the same time getting premium service at reduced rates.  Your members gain access to:

  • Customized insurance products to meet specific needs
  • Competitive insurance premiums through the power of group purchasing
  • Convenient payment options; premiums may be paid by monthly installments through our pre-authorized cheque plan, or in some cases through payroll deductions.
  • Around the clock claims service
  • Quick and efficient claims settlements
  • Knowledgeable insurance advice and excellence in service from Park’s professional team
  • Collective buying power that reduces the initial cost of insurance policies, acts as a restraint against cost increases in subsequent years of coverage reductions, and gives them negotiating power when making a claim.

Types of Coverage

Park’s group insurance programs provide coverage for:

  • Home & Property
    (house, condo, tenant, cottages)
  • Automobile Coverage
  • Investment Properties
  • Home Businesses
  • Professional Liability
  • Travel Insurance
  • Identity Theft

  • Boat, Marine, Recreation Vehicles
  • Life and Disability Coverage
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Financial Planning
  • Student Medical
  • And more!

Why a Group Program From Park Insurance?

Since 1950, Park Insurance has insured families and businesses all across British Columbia.  Over the years, we have provided every type of insurance, regardless of how specialized or large the asset to be protected; from personal insurance, small business, corporate, liability, and much more.

Since 1985, Park has also provided group insurance programs that have consistently achieved one of the highest ratings in Canada for customer satisfaction at a time when it counts the most—claims time.

Since the beginning, Park Insurance has been and remains a family-owned independent broker.  Our customer-first philosophy and our commitment to continuous improvements in both the service and the type of insurance we provide is possible because we answer to our clients first and foremost—not shareholders.

Premium coverage at great rates is what we deliver because we are an independent broker.  We shop your needs to a number of national and international insurance companies so that we can consistently deliver tailored coverage at very competitive prices.

In all cases, we believe that our clients should be enabled to make an informed decision about their insurance protection. Therefore, we make sure that members of the group insurance program know their options, understand their choices, and are getting exactly the coverage they need.

We keep it simple.  We can manage all of the administrative aspects of your group insurance program, including:

  • Comprehensive account management
  • Custom develop the group plan website or micro-site
  • Customer service and member communications
  • Results tracking, evaluation, and consultation
  • Program design, implementation and administration
  • Program marketing to group members

Your No. 1 Choice is Park Insurance.  We are uniquely positioned to develop and administer a group insurance program that exceeds your expectations.