Insurance for Cottages & Seasonal Properties

You likely associate your vacation home with relaxation and a break from the pressures of everyday life, which is great! But your property, whether it is a cottage, cabin or another type of seasonal home, is also a significant asset that requires adequate protection.

When securing insurance coverage for your vacation property, it is important to analyze the amount of time the property is used. Do you use it year-round? Do you rent it out?

You will also want to take into consideration the items or contents that you keep permanently at the cottage. How much insurance coverage will you require for these items? Do you have any outbuildings such as boathouses or sheds?

Because a cottage is often only occupied part-time, coverage, exclusions and limits typically vary from a standard homeowners policy. So, it is important to understand what is and what is not covered under your policy. Talk to one of our experienced brokers today to learn more about your coverage options. We are here to help you secure the right coverage for your valuable seasonal property!