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19Aug 2019
No Sidewalk and Pedestrian Right of Way

Recently a plaintiff’s appeal was denied by the Supreme Court of Canada after it was found that a driver was not liable for hitting the pedestrian on a rural road without a sidewalk. The recent findings of this case bring to the surface a question that many BC drivers and pedestrians have – who has the right […]

14Aug 2019
Home Security Checklist Challenge

Home security is a fairly robust term, encompassing your household’s entire spectrum of security hardware and personal security practices. The former includes everything from doors and locks to alarm systems and lighting while the latter addresses practices such as ensuring entries are locked, alarms are activated, windows are closed, and so forth. When you bring it all together […]

07Aug 2019

Between the dozens of provincial triathlons and recreational cycling enthusiasts hitting the roads and highways in the summer, liability has become a hot topic in BC. Riders share the pavement with drivers and pedestrians alike, and in doing so add the risk of accident and injury. But unlike automobile insurance and liability, the FAQ around […]

26Jul 2019
How to Protect Your RV from Theft

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer and many BC households have packed up and hit the open road in their recreational vehicles. If you’re among them you’re in for quite an adventure, but there is some risk involved when it comes to parking and living out of your RV. After all, your motorhome […]

03Jul 2019
How to Protect Your Boat at the Dock

Summertime weather is upon us in BC, making this the perfect time to revisit tips to protecting your boat from damage and liability claims. Granted, we have provided a guide to keeping your watercraft and passengers protected on the water, along with some sound insurance advice for those heading out to Howe Sound or other […]

24Jun 2019
More Updates to ICBC Rate Model

In the latest of a wave of updates to their new rate model, ICBC announced another change in the first week of June 2019. This latest change means that drivers with frequent or serious driving convictions will pay more for their optional insurance coverage. Let’s review everything you need to know (so far) about this […]

14Jun 2019
5 Things Inside Your Car That May Block Your Vision

For many BC residents, a vehicle is practically a second home. It makes sense when you consider the commutes to and from work, points of leisure, and more. If you count yourself among those that spend a lot of the time on the road, you may be tempted to outfit your vehicle with appendages in […]

08May 2019

This week, BC Hydro issued a press release regarding a phishing attack that has been spoofing their email to lure customers into giving up banking information in order to obtain a refund. Thousands of scam emails have gone out across the province and into an inbox near you. While the general public must always be […]