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17Apr 2019

This month, ICBC is expanding upon its Road Safety Speaker Program, with speakers sharing personal experiences with high school students about risky driving and the importance of making smart decisions behind the wheel. With at least two young driver fatalities per month and 20 youth injuries daily across the province, it is critical for teens to […]

08Apr 2019

Pets have a positive impact on our lives in so many ways, especially here in BC where the SPCA found homes for nearly 14,500 animals last year alone. But for all of the good times and emotional support that they provide, they also present insurance concerns that you may not have anticipated. Whether you have […]

29Mar 2019
How to Protect Your Business from Environmental Liability

We spend a lot of time discussing how businesses can protect themselves from extreme weather and other climate concerns. However, what about when a business itself is directly or even indirectly responsible for an event that negatively impacts the environment?  In 2019 the corporate veil has been lifted and companies are being held accountable by […]

20Mar 2019
Insurance Risk of Kids on Spring or Summer Vacation

Whether you find this while planning for spring break or summer vacation, there’s one thing that parents have to account for when traveling with kids in tow – insurance risk. From tot to teen, your children present a set of vacation challenges that could cost you hundreds or thousands without proper planning.  Today, Park is […]

13Mar 2019

Spring break is here and all over BC households are heading out on vacation. And while it’s a time to fulfill wanderlust dreams, your trip can result in inconvenience or an outright nightmare if necessary precautions aren’t taken. To make sure it’s more of the former, Park has updated our annual list of spring break […]

06Mar 2019
How to Prevent Fraud in Your Business

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada, and here in BC the province has updated its own fraud resource center to make sure that residents and businesses alike have taken the necessary precautions. In fact, continuous updates to this security protocol are needed given the ever-changing landscape of online criminal activity. Awhile back, Park Insurance […]

27Feb 2019
Cyber Crime Roles and Responsibilities

In our recent article about phishing liability prevention we touched on the concept of corporate responsibility, suggesting that in order to mitigate liability risk, businesses would need to take a more proactive role in keeping the public (their customers) safe from cyber crime. Today we’re going to dig even deeper, tagging upper level executives as […]

22Feb 2019
Why You Need Travel Insurance When Leaving BC

Spring break is almost upon us and all over BC households are planning their vacations. Flights and hotels are being booked and activity itineraries are being scheduled. Yet with so much thought going into these trips, it’s a surprise that one of the most important things is overlooked – travel insurance. Think we’re exaggerating? The […]

11Feb 2019
Protecting Your Store from Snow Melt

In typical Lower Mainland fashion snow decided to hold off until February to rear its frosty head, and here we are once again in the middle of a winter wonderland with the official arrival of spring just weeks away. The timing leads to an inevitable conclusion for most of British Columbia – snow melt. For […]

06Feb 2019

Unless you were hiding underground with the groundhogs last week you probably caught wind of the false slip and fall incident in New Jersey that made headlines around the world, including here in BC. Surveillance video captured a contractor blatantly staging an accident and injury at his workplace. The man grabbed ice, tossed it on […]