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16Apr 2018

In March, ICBC rolled out a new driver’s license testing process for seniors over the age of 80. ICBC together with RoadSafetyBC and Vancouver’s GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre devised an updated framework for senior driver assessments for a Class 5 license. The new framework requires that applicable senior drivers submit a physician’s note (or a […]

11Apr 2018
Common Household Dangers

Are you planning on spring cleaning sometime soon? While it presents the opportunity to remove clutter and take an inventory of your possessions, it’s also a good time to take stock of the risks to the health and safety of your home, occupants, and potential visitors. Today, Park Insurance is here to shed light on […]

29Mar 2018

Spring has arrived and all over British Columbia drivers are shaking off the winter slumber and getting ready to hit the road. As BC’s automobile insurance provider, Park has firsthand experience with all of the unique challenges and nuances of driving through the cities, towns, and highways of the province through the season. To help […]

14Mar 2018

The City of Vancouver website warns residents that some of the world’s largest earthquakes have occurred, right here, in British Columbia.  Research also shows that we have a 1 in 4 chance of experiencing another major earthquake within the next 50 years.  As a result, many strata corporations prudently purchase earthquake insurance.  You have likely […]

09Mar 2018

Earlier in the month, it was announced that ICBC is considering penalizing drivers instead of vehicle owners. Considering that their reports show that one in five drivers in a crash are actually driving someone else’s car, this might not be a bad idea. While the process works itself out, you can take steps today to reduce […]

23Feb 2018
Uber Driver Ride Sharing Liability Insurance BC

Proponents for the introduction of ride-sharing (or ride-hailing) services such as Uber in Vancouver and BC got a big win this month. An all-party committee in the legislature unanimously supported a plan for such services throughout the province. The committee’s report detailed a 32-point list of recommendations to introduce and regulate ride-sharing in British Columbia. Long story […]