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30May 2018

It’s Bike to Work (and School) Week here in BC, an annual event to promote sustainable commuting that runs from May 28 to June 3 in 2018. While this affair celebrates cycling as an alternative form of transportation, it also draws attention to a concern beyond one’s carbon footprint. ICBC warns that six cyclists are […]

23May 2018
How to Prevent Risky Driving

In this recent article, we addressed the fact that the incidences of motor vehicle accidents (MVA) increase over the long weekends in British Columbia. Unfortunately, this trend doesn’t seem to be changing, with local news reporting a wave of MVAs over this past Victoria Day long weekend. It’s therefore quite timely that here at the […]

09May 2018
Long Weekend Insurance Safety Tips

Long weekends in BC may not mean as much in the autumn and winter, but when spring arrives and summertime nears, it takes on a whole new persona, inviting residents to take full advantage of that extra 24-hours of playtime. While these long weekends mean more travel and adventure, they also equate greater risk. In […]

23Apr 2018
how to protect your business from slip and fall

This month, a major supermarket chain that operates in Greater Vancouver was ordered to pay $755,000 to a claimant who suffered a slip and fall accident at one of their stores. The claimant slipped in a puddle of spilled laundry soap and hit the back of her head on the floor. The issues brought before the court […]

16Apr 2018

In March, ICBC rolled out a new driver’s license testing process for seniors over the age of 80. ICBC together with RoadSafetyBC and Vancouver’s GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre devised an updated framework for senior driver assessments for a Class 5 license. The new framework requires that applicable senior drivers submit a physician’s note (or a […]

11Apr 2018
Common Household Dangers

Are you planning on spring cleaning sometime soon? While it presents the opportunity to remove clutter and take an inventory of your possessions, it’s also a good time to take stock of the risks to the health and safety of your home, occupants, and potential visitors. Today, Park Insurance is here to shed light on […]