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20Sep 2017

Now that class is in session and parents have had a chance to catch their breath after completing a flurry of back-to-school preparations, they are looking at a long year ahead. Road safety becomes a continuous concern through the entire school annum and while we provided an article focused on how drivers can make the roads safer […]

08Sep 2017

It’s “back to school” week here in BC and while it may be an exciting time for parents who can take a bit of a breather from kid-proofing the home during summer break, it sets the table for another set of concerns, on the road. Road safety awareness needs to be ramped up through school year, […]

26Aug 2017
Moving Insurance Tips

Recent data shows that the most common province to province household move in all of Canada is from Alberta to British Columbia. B.C. also makes the podium as one of the country’s largest recipients of new residents. Then there is internal migration, where residents move amongst the local cities and towns while keeping within the comforting confines […]

15Aug 2017
How to Stop Your Kid from Texting and Driving

British Columbia’s Attorney General, David Eby, directed ICBC to study the feasibility of offering insurance discounts to drivers who agree to technological methods to disable their smartphones while driving. This measure is being considered to help prevent the epidemic of distracted driving, which is now a leading cause of vehicular accidents and death in the province, with smartphones playing a key role. […]

11Aug 2017
Safety Tips for Driving Around Motorcycles

Here we are approaching the dog days of summer, with the last long weekend of the season on the horizon. The city streets and highways of B.C. will count more motorcycles than usual because in addition to normal driving and leisure, there are over 80 outdoor and publicly-open automobile and motorcycle shows taking place in […]

28Jul 2017
Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders

image: Columbia Pictures ICBC issued a statement today, urging drivers to be on the lookout for motorcyclists on the roads and highways of British Columbia. Given that we are at the midpoint of the summer, and the forecast is sunny as far as the local weatherperson can see, it is anticipated that a wave of riders […]