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06Apr 2020
ICBC Coronavirus COVID 19

Do you have an ICBC Autoplan renewal coming up? Do you need to purchase or update a policy? With the BC Government mandating social distancing amidst the COVID-19 health crisis you may be wondering what to do about upcoming ICBC Autoplan transactions. We’re happy to say that you can remove one concern from your plate, […]

25Mar 2020
COVID-19 Work from Home Insurance Tips for Businesses

In an effort to put a lid on the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses throughout BC are allowing employees to temporarily work from home. While advances in technology can make this happen without a hitch, it creates a whole new set of liability risk. After all, people under your employ are now working outside of the controlled […]

16Mar 2020
New ICBC No Fault Insurance - Still Have Questions?

At the onset of February 2020, ICBC announced another major change, one that they say offers more care coverage, more affordable premiums, and more focus on customer care. According to ICBC this will be accomplished by removing lawyers and legal costs from the system to reduce rates and substantially increase care benefits. The BC Attorney […]

03Feb 2020
Why You Need Travel Insurance 2020

At the onset of January 2020, the Canadian government updated a Middle East travel advisory, recommending against non-essential travel due to the “volatile security situation” in Iran. Two weeks later they updated their travel advisory for the Hubei Province of China to limit the spread of a novel coronavirus. Factor in the latest scrutiny surrounding […]

03Feb 2020
New Business Threats 2020 - Commercial Insurance

Businesses face threats from all corners and have been insuring against them for centuries, since the very first policy offering for the underwriting of commercial ventures became available. A lot has changed since then, but in addition to the variety of coverage available, so too has grown the strength and diversity of perils. Unfortunately, this […]

22Jan 2020
Month of Caring 2020

Cupid has already found his mark this coming February, but on a grander scale as Park Insurance has opened up its heart to those in need. Organized by Chelsea Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Park Insurance, together with the The Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International (BC chapter), the Month of Caring is exactly as it […]

20Jan 2020
BC Strata Insurance Rates Rise - Premium / Deductible Increases 2020

Do you own a condo, duplex, townhouse, or other home within a strata subdivision? Then by now you know that your insurance rates are on the rise for 2020. Brokerages predict an average increase in insurance costs of approximately 25%, but at press there have been reports of some renewals increasing anywhere from 50% to […]

13Jan 2020
Top Weather Events British Columbia 2019-2020

History repeats itself. It’s a truism that often comes with unfortunate results, especially where weather patterns are concerned. 2019 was one of the most tumultuous years on record for Canada, and British Columbia experienced its fair share of “natural” phenomena to signal that climate change is the real deal and here to stay. For this […]

06Jan 2020
BC Driver Problems

British Columbia is unlike any other province in the country, and for the most part this is a good thing. That said, there is some unique baggage that we have to contend with that some other areas across the country can’t quite relate to, especially when it comes to road safety. Some are anecdotal and […]