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11Dec 2019
How to Prevent Distracted Walking

We devote a lot of time discussing how to prevent driver distraction, but there’s another epidemic that leads to motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians – walking while distracted. Sadly, some people have sustained significant injuries or worse as a result of being preoccupied while pounding the pavement. Last year, ICBC and local RCMP took steps […]

23Nov 2019
lawsuit christmas display

In our recent article about social host liability during the Holiday season we asked our readers to create a safe outdoor setting for guests as they arrive and depart from the premises. Today, we’re going to expand upon that concept as we edge towards December, for homeowners who plan on channeling their inner Clark Griswold […]

18Nov 2019
Driverless Cars Insurance Issues

If you live in BC and have watched the news at the onset of November then you’ve heard how everyone is up in arms about an autonomous Tesla that was “summoned” by its driver (loose term) in a Richmond BC mall parking lot. The vehicle was driving down the wrong lane and chased down by […]

10Nov 2019
ICBC Ride Hailing Insurance Updates for 2019-20

It’s about to get crowded out there, are you covered? This summer BC finally passed legislation to allow ride-hailing services, including Uber and Lyft, to operate in key regions in the province. They put in place some pretty heavy restrictions (i.e. licensing requirements, etc.) when compared to other North American cities which has caused significant […]

08Nov 2019
ICBC Techpilot Telematics

For the uninitiated, vehicular telematics is a method that merges telecommunications and information engineering and applies it to road transportation and safety. It records data such as vehicle speed, turning, distance, and driver habits including sudden acceleration, quick braking, and more. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, telematics platforms have […]

06Nov 2019
Party and Social Host Liability BC

Party season is upon us in BC and residents all over the province are in the midst of planning festivities at their home. While playing host is a point of pride it’s not all accolades and praise from guests as with every affair comes significant risk. We recently addressed social host liability in our article […]

30Oct 2019
ICBC Changes 2019 FAQ - Answers to Your Questions

Sweeping changes to the ICBC rate model were made at the onset of September 2019. Leading into it, Park Insurance had provided updates regarding all amendments along the way. But, if you haven’t had a chance to read our blog every week, some questions about the ICBC overhaul may persist. So, below we have provided […]

22Oct 2019
Halloween Insurance Claims - Halloween Insurance Tips

Despite the spooky ghost and goblin costumes many people are in good spirits in the days leading up to All Hallows Eve. However, by the next morning a damper has been put on the whole affair for many unfortunate souls – property owners. Recent reports show a 24% increase in crime-related insurance claims on Halloween […]

09Oct 2019
How to Prevent Cargo Damage and Reduce Risk of Shipping Loss

October signals the climax of peak shipping season along the BC coast with the Port of Vancouver seeing a flurry of activity in the early autumn. This is the busiest time of the year for shippers and retailers with the holiday season fast approaching. Cargo is being loaded on and off ships, flatbeds, trailers, and […]

23Sep 2019
Outdoor Recreation Liability Insurance BC

British Columbia is ripe with outdoor recreational opportunities through all four seasons. Because of this, Park Insurance has been pretty vocal about how to protect yourself from liability when it comes to the vehicles used in the act of enjoying the great outdoors. We have provided tips to safe boating in the spring/summer and smart […]