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05Aug 2020

Top level executives have become top targets for cybercriminals, but it’s not what you think. Instead of hackers trying to compromise the accounts of CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other C-level personnel, they are impersonating them to trick subordinates and vendors in order to gain access to funds and sensitive information. This is called spear-phishing. It’s […]

17Jul 2020
Protect Your Business from Being Hacked

Info-security experts all agree on one thing—it’s been a fantastic year—for cyber attackers. Some of the notorious breaches that hit the headlines recently include LifeLabs, Desjardins and Equifax. Despite the media grabbing headlines, it is estimated that 75% of businesses still do not have an adequate, organization-wide security response to cyberattacks. At the same time, […]

08Jul 2020
How to Protect Your Home Against Lightning Strikes

Summer is in full swing in BC, which brings a number of seasonal threats to your property. While we have provided advice on how to keep forest fires from approaching your rural area home there is an interconnected event that can strike at a moment’s notice, even if you’re located away from kindling hills. Lightning storms […]

24Jun 2020
business liability during cover 19 in BC

How will you prepare to start filling seats? As the BC economy continues to reopen in phases commercial businesses that host on-site patrons are returning to operations. With social distancing mandates in place applicable businesses are now permitted to allow up to 50 persons on site at a given time.  Operators may include amusement parks, […]

17Jun 2020
How to Protect Your Home from Hail Damage

This past weekend our neighbors in Alberta sustained a hail storm that resulted in what may be record breaking in terms of cost. Insurers are looking at nearly half-a-billion dollars in damages. While BC may not receive the same annual level of hail that the prairie provinces do, we are certainly no strangers to its […]

15Jun 2020
Employees Working Remotely? Your Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks Just Went Up

Businesses face a double threat from cyber-attacks now more than ever before. The costs related to business interruption due to such attacks can be the death stroke for many businesses.  In addition, if your company handles sensitive data online, such as the personal details of employees, suppliers and customers, a breach of your IT system […]

11Jun 2020
Chelsea Fitzpatrick - IBC Elite Woman of the Year 2020

Chelsea Fitzpatrick, Park Insurance Agency Ltd Vice-President of Operations and COO The entire family at Park Insurance would like to offer a HUGE congratulations for our VP of Operations/Marketing and COO – Chelsea Fitzpatrick! Chelsea has been honored by Insurance Business Canada (IBC) as one of the industry’s Elite Women for 2020.  For the uninitiated, […]

27May 2020
Road Trip Safety Tips Amidst Covid-19 Coronovirus

The weather is already heating up around BC and all signs point to the early arrival of summer. So, some households may have road trips on the mind. First and foremost, keep up to date with the latest recommendations from BC’s Provincial Health Officer and only plan a road trip if it is considered safe […]

15May 2020
Support for BC Business

The past couple of months have been extremely challenging for many businesses – both small and large. And while there is cautious reopening in some sectors, many business owners are still deeply concerned about how they will make ends meet in the weeks and months to come.  We hope this summary of assistance options will […]

13May 2020
Wildfire Protection Plan for Your BC Business

During one of BC’s worst wildfire seasons on record we released an article on how commercial businesses can protect themselves accordingly. In light of recent events we feel that it’s time for an update. There’s enough for your company to contend with as is, and the risk of loss and damage from forest fires should […]