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27May 2020
Road Trip Safety Tips Amidst Covid-19 Coronovirus

The weather is already heating up around BC and all signs point to the early arrival of summer. So, some households may have road trips on the mind. First and foremost, keep up to date with the latest recommendations from BC’s Provincial Health Officer and only plan a road trip if it is considered safe […]

15May 2020
Support for BC Business

The past couple of months have been extremely challenging for many businesses – both small and large. And while there is cautious reopening in some sectors, many business owners are still deeply concerned about how they will make ends meet in the weeks and months to come.  We hope this summary of assistance options will […]

13May 2020
Wildfire Protection Plan for Your BC Business

During one of BC’s worst wildfire seasons on record we released an article on how commercial businesses can protect themselves accordingly. In light of recent events we feel that it’s time for an update. There’s enough for your company to contend with as is, and the risk of loss and damage from forest fires should […]

06May 2020

Now that the BC government is plotting an economic reopening strategy it’s time to take a practical look at how your business can prepare to reopen, with a focus on loss and liability prevention. Let’s review. 4 Important Loss and Liability Prevention Tips to Reopening Your BC Business

04May 2020
Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19

The mandatory closures of businesses due to COVID-19 has many BC companies wondering if business interruption insurance applies to covering related losses. The simple answer is that most business interruption policies do not cover losses caused by a pandemic. Given the unprecedented scope of the pandemic, understandably many people have questions.  We can provide some […]

24Apr 2020

The commercial sector is faced with uncertainty as many non-essential businesses across the province have closed down in an attempt to flatten the COVID-19 curve. These closures have no set expiry date, with the word “indefinite” causing concern for the lifeblood of our economy. While news has been positive, showing that BC has been successful […]

13Apr 2020
How Credit Scores Affect Your Insurance BC

In an earlier blog, we discussed How Credit Scores Can Result in an Insurance Discount.  What follows is a more in-depth analysis of how the process works. When you understand how policies are priced, you gain knowledge that will help you control your own insurance destiny. From here, you can take steps to reap rewards […]

06Apr 2020
ICBC Coronavirus COVID 19

Do you have an ICBC Autoplan renewal coming up? Do you need to purchase or update a policy? With the BC Government mandating social distancing amidst the COVID-19 health crisis you may be wondering what to do about upcoming ICBC Autoplan transactions. We’re happy to say that you can remove one concern from your plate, […]

25Mar 2020
COVID-19 Work from Home Insurance Tips for Businesses

In an effort to put a lid on the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses throughout BC are allowing employees to temporarily work from home. While advances in technology can make this happen without a hitch, it creates a whole new set of liability risk. After all, people under your employ are now working outside of the controlled […]

16Mar 2020
New ICBC No Fault Insurance - Still Have Questions?

At the onset of February 2020, ICBC announced another major change, one that they say offers more care coverage, more affordable premiums, and more focus on customer care. According to ICBC this will be accomplished by removing lawyers and legal costs from the system to reduce rates and substantially increase care benefits. The BC Attorney […]