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09Oct 2019
How to Prevent Cargo Damage and Reduce Risk of Shipping Loss

October signals the climax of peak shipping season along the BC coast with the Port of Vancouver seeing a flurry of activity in the early autumn. This is the busiest time of the year for shippers and retailers with the holiday season fast approaching. Cargo is being loaded on and off ships, flatbeds, trailers, and […]

23Sep 2019
Outdoor Recreation Liability Insurance BC

British Columbia is ripe with outdoor recreational opportunities through all four seasons. Because of this, Park Insurance has been pretty vocal about how to protect yourself from liability when it comes to the vehicles used in the act of enjoying the great outdoors. We have provided tips to safe boating in the spring/summer and smart […]

18Sep 2019
Don't Fuel The Fire - Make Your Business a Burn Free Zone

After witnessing forest fires ravage the landscape of BC over the past few summers we released an article on how to protect your business from the threat. Within, we called upon brick and mortars to remove combustible liquids from the premises. This not only protects your shop or office from an approaching blaze, it prevents […]

09Sep 2019
New Back to School Road Safety Tips for BC Drivers

A reminder to keep your eyes on the road in school zones The new school year is here and while provincial curriculum changes are the talk of the town, there are pressing matters beyond the PTA that BC drivers need to be aware of. For one, school zones are back in effect and as always […]

24Aug 2019
Long Weekend Travel Safety Tips for the Summer

As we approach the last long weekend of the summer for BC residents, it is important to recognize that while sun-drenched long weekends open up an opportunity to explore, they also increase the risk of injury to persons and damage or theft of property. So, to help ensure you can fully enjoy any final summer […]

19Aug 2019
No Sidewalk and Pedestrian Right of Way

Recently a plaintiff’s appeal was denied by the Supreme Court of Canada after it was found that a driver was not liable for hitting the pedestrian on a rural road without a sidewalk. The recent findings of this case bring to the surface a question that many BC drivers and pedestrians have – who has the right […]

14Aug 2019
Home Security Checklist Challenge

Home security is a fairly robust term, encompassing your household’s entire spectrum of security hardware and personal security practices. The former includes everything from doors and locks to alarm systems and lighting while the latter addresses practices such as ensuring entries are locked, alarms are activated, windows are closed, and so forth. When you bring it all together […]

07Aug 2019

Between the dozens of provincial triathlons and recreational cycling enthusiasts hitting the roads and highways in the summer, liability has become a hot topic in BC. Riders share the pavement with drivers and pedestrians alike, and in doing so add the risk of accident and injury. But unlike automobile insurance and liability, the FAQ around […]

26Jul 2019
How to Protect Your RV from Theft

We’re smack dab in the middle of summer and many BC households have packed up and hit the open road in their recreational vehicles. If you’re among them you’re in for quite an adventure, but there is some risk involved when it comes to parking and living out of your RV. After all, your motorhome […]