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Insurance for Commercial Glass

Commercial property/casualty insurance policies may or may not include glass breakage coverage. It is always a good idea to consider the need for glass breakage or falling glass coverage. For example, if you own or lease a building or shop that has a lot of expensive exterior glass, this policy will cover you if the glass is broken due to theft or vandalism. (In some cases, storefront tenants are required to obtain their own glass insurance under their lease.)

Glass coverage will, under some policies, also protect the illuminated signage for your business, such as neon or other signs. The cost of lettering and signage on windows should be included in the value of insurance along with coverage for temporarily boarding up broken windows in the event of a loss. Talk to your insurance broker about this.

When considering your need for glass breakage insurance, it is important to consider the level of risk that exists from falling glass. Coverage can be obtained for any damage that falling glass (or breakage) could cause to adjacent property.

To learn more about window and glass coverage, contact us at Park Insurance. We’ll work with you to:

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  • Determine the precise insurance coverage you need for your business

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