Our Vision

HomeWe believe that we can better the lives of our customers by the way we care for them and by making the insurance buying process understandable, simple, and consumer-friendly. To do so, we will:

  • Take the time to enable each customer to become an informed insurance consumer who understands and is able to choose coverage appropriately tailored to his or her needs.  We will simplify the insurance buying process so that it is understandable and within the grasp of each customer.
  • Ensure that each customer is fairly compensated for their losses and has access to the full measure of coverage to which they are entitled.  In addition, our business processes will focus on expediting their claims, rather than impeding them.
  • Remain alert to emerging societal trends and sensitive to the changing needs of our customers.  We will continuously adapt and refine our responses to these changing needs with a focus on benefiting our customers.
  • Draw upon our long history and maintain our customer-centric philosophy.  This philosophy will serve as our vision’s catalyst, ensuring our success for the decades ahead.  We will create a totally different and refreshingly more pleasant and stress-free insurance buying experience than consumers have ever had elsewhere.  Our growth will not come at the expense of customer service, but will be predicated on our ability to deliver excellent service to each customer, each day, irrespective of our size.
  • Earn the trust and confidence of our employees by living our corporate philosophy—employees (not processes or profits) are the most important assets of our business.  This commitment will help guide our corporate decisions, which will make us one of the top companies to work for in the lower mainland.
  • Live the essence of our history and our reputation, which is bound up in our name and logo. We will have a meaningful share in protecting and maintaining the greatest asset that our community possesses—its people and their diverse cultures, alongside the beautiful and breathtaking natural environment in which we live and work.

Our Mission

SolutionOur mission is to help our clients by providing protection against unforeseen events which threaten their financial well-being.

  • We will work hard to make our products and services simple and easy to understand—we wish to inspire confidence and satisfaction in every contact with every client, every time.
  • We promise to deliver all the facts, explanations, choices, and useful advice our clients need to make a truly informed decision and have a full understanding of their purchase.
  • We want everyone who deals with Park Insurance—clients, staff, and suppliers—to enjoy and feel good about the experience, to know that they were treated with respect, care, and genuine appreciation, and to become a long-term friend.

Our Values

Paper family in hands against spring green background.Passion:  We ardently believe that what we do every day makes a difference in the lives of our customers.  Our products provide the security that allows them to achieve their dreams.  Our people provide the expertise to guide them and the enthusiasm to support them.  As a team, we passionately support our community through volunteerism and thrive on the joy of giving back.

Innovation:  Being an innovator takes courage – we empower our team members to take that leap.  We are committed to finding the best products for our clients and delivering them in the most efficient ways.  We embrace the exciting times in which we live with innovative processes and cutting-edge technology that enable organizational wide consistency and efficiency.

Teamwork:  Our customers can trust our promise to be their partner in securing the right coverage for their needs and to be their advocate in the event of a claim.  Our employees can rely on the honesty and diligence of their colleagues.  We recognize that success requires open communication, collaboration and appreciation for the efforts of others.

Happiness:  Every day is a gift and every day should be celebrated.  We believe that work can be both fun and productive.  Our customers are greeted by the happy voice of an engaged employee who is dedicated to using their knowledge to help others.  We assist our clients with pleasure and support our colleagues with joy.