Travel Health Insurance 

Of all the items on your packing checklist, one of the most important is travel insurance.  No one plans to get sick or have an accident while on vacation, yet the chances of doing so are probably greater than if we just stayed home.  While on vacation we may try new foods, try new sports or other activities, explore areas we have never been before in a country where we don’t speak the language, etc.

A vacation can be a source of wonderful experiences and surprises. One surprise we don’t want is to realize we forgot to purchase travel insurance—when we need it most. Check out our variety of packages & great rates.

Why buy travel insurance through Park Insurance?

When you have an emergency medical situation in another country, you want medical treatment NOW.  And you really want your insurance company to come through for you.

That’s why you buy your insurance through Park Insurance.  We have selected the best travel insurance underwriters in the industry.  Our reputation depends upon it.

And like us, they earned their reputation over many years.

  • Insures over 1 million trips per year
  • #1 insurance provider for adventure travellers
  • #1 insurance provider for visitors to Canada
  • #1 provider of choice by Canada’s 3rd largest financial institution
  • #1 for variety of choices for travellers

Customer Service

  • Customers served 24/7/365
  • 98% of emergency assistance calls answered within 1 minute
  • 100% successful repatriations
  • 98% of all claims are paid

  • 98% of our hospitalizations direct billed
  • 98% of claimants would buy our product again
  • 60 full time licensed insurance representatives
  • 22 languages spoken in-house


Our Online Travel Medical Insurance is offered through Tugo.

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