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Add An Insurance Expert To Your Investment Advisory Team

A knowledgeable insurance broker who has experience with investment properties is an important member of your investment advisory team; certainly as important as choosing a competent accountant or lawyer.

When you choose Park Insurance as your broker you engage one of the largest and oldest independent, family-owned insurance brokerage firms in British Columbia. We have looked after the insurance needs of businesses and families since 1950. Our customer-focused philosophy has motivated us to develop and continuously improve our specialized group insurance programs, like the REIN Ultimate Insurance Program, for over 25 years.

What can you expect from our agents?

Advocacy:  We become your insurance advocates in the marketplace. We monitor insurance trends and how to protect your investment properties against these emerging trends. We also take the time to thoroughly understand the insurer’s policy applications, the meaning, and significance of each question, how the information being requested is likely to be interpreted by them, and how that information can best be communicated to the insurer, so that your properties are presented in the best possible light.

Risk Management:   We will act as your risk management advisor. This means we will explain simply and clearly the differences in coverages and their relevant value to your property. We will provide objective advice on the pros and cons of switching your policies from one insurance company to another.

Expertise:  We eliminate surprises that result from misinformation or inadequate coverage. You get access to insurance agents with expertise in revenue properties. They know the right questions to ask. They also understand that ‘one size does not fit all properties’. They work with you to tailor your insurance protection to your unique needs. This keeps your insurance costs down, ensures your assets are adequately protected, and eliminates surprises at claims time.

Interpreter: We are good listeners, which helps us understand your unique needs. We are also good communicators, and we take the time to explain complex insurance and risk issues. At the end of it all you are able to make a truly informed decision about what is best for you.

Claims Advisor:  We’ve got your back when disasters or accidents arise and you now need to file a claim. Park has consistently achieved a 95%+ claims satisfaction rating from our group insurance clients. In contrast, only 68% of REIN members report being satisfied with their brokers’ claims resolution.

Customer Service:  When calling Park Insurance you get to talk to real live people who have made a career in the insurance sector. They understand the importance of true customer service and live it each day. They will take the time to answer all your questions; provide you with the information that you need to make a truly informed decision; return your calls within one business day or sooner.

For those who prefer to make inquiries or file claims online, this option is available: