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Keeps Your Money in Your Pocket

    • You don’t pay exorbitant insurance rates just because it’s an investment property
    • You get lower premiums and greater savings
      • Because of the large membership numbers and the professional management of investment properties, Park Insurance can deliver lower rates and enhanced coverage. For example, this includes competitive pricing for specialized insurance protection for rented condominiums.
      • Multiple property discounts are available, based upon the number of properties that are insured under the Investor Guard and Strata Guard policies
    • You get better coverage
      • Special terms for vacancy
      • Enforcement of Municipal By-laws protection (up to $100,000)
      • Sewer back-up
      • Tenants vandalism protection
      • Rental Income – coverage is actual loss sustained for 24 months from date of loss, with no dollar limitation
      • Master Key Coverage
      • Mortgage rate protection
      • Earthquake
      • Flood available in most areas
      • Many more . . .
    • Comprehensive policies tailored specifically to meet the unique needs of real estate investors
      • Vacancy permitted up to 120 days
      • Insurance policies available for properties listed in personal name, company name and/or joint ventures
      • No restriction on number of properties. Multiple properties (3+) are not treated differently as they are with some insurance companies.

Protects Your Assets and Your Lifestyle

      • Increased levels of protection, which means your investment properties are adequately insured
      • You get affordable protection for losses that is unavailable elsewhere
      • Your claims are handled by the Park Insurance team who has a stellar track record in getting their clients fair compensation at claims time.
      • Customers give Park a 95%+ satisfaction rating that has remained consistent for the past 30 years.

Simplifies Your Life. Eliminates Hassles. Reduces Frustration.

      • Consolidates your policies with one broker/insurance company


        • All transactions and claims filing can be done online—at your convenience
        • Consistent procedures and standardized forms for all properties
        • Clear, detailed and accurate billing to simplify your accounting
        • One contact for all your insurance needs
        • All policies renewable/payable same day each year, if you choose

Enables You to Invest with Confidence

    • Insurance guidance from Park Insurance helps avoid buying of problem properties
    • You know you can get the specialized coverage you need when making buying decisions
    • You get consistency in:
      • Pricing for identical insurance on similar properties
      • Various levels of coverage available
      • Qualifications for similar properties
    • Investment property insurance experts are there to answer your questions:
      • With decades of experience we insure investment properties daily
      • Park Insurance has built the REIN Ultimate Insurance Program from the ground up
      • Valuable educational information on investment property insurance issues
    • Protects your lifestyle. Improves your sleep.