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Cannabis Insurance

Cannabis cultivation and sales are fast growing sectors in the newly legalized Cannabis marketplace in Canada.  While this industry promises significant potential profits, it also comes with a number of inherent risks.  Some of these risks are yet to emerge in this new marketplace, so you need an experienced broker who is committed to staying on top of the changes and ensuring you have the right coverage for your unique business.

Park Insurance is able to use their vast reach as a broker and their experience in medical marijuana insurance to provide coverage options for the following sectors:

  • Cannabis cultivation
  • Cannabis manufacturing and distribution
  • Laboratories
  • Wholesale Marijuana Sales
  • Retail Marijuana Sales (Medical Marijuana Sales and Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales)

Know Before You Grow (or Sell!)

Starting any new business involves some risk and gathering the right team of experts to support your venture is often critical to success.  Park Insurance insured its first medical marijuana business in 2015 and is now posed to use that experience to help support the newly emerging legal recreational cannabis industry in BC.

An effective business insurance policy will contain the right mix of coverage for your unique business.  Learn more about the coverage options available to you:

Insurance Resources Available to cannabis producers and Retailers in BC

If your operations are based in BC, contact Park Insurance in Greater Vancouver today.  Let us put together a package to meet your unique needs as a grower, manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer of cannabis products in Canada.