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The importance of taking an inventory of the possessions of your home cannot be overstated. However, very few households actually do so. While 93% of surveyed Canadians agree that having an up-to-date inventory is a good idea, only 35% actually have one. If you count yourself amongst this majority, you’ve got cause for alarm. What happens when […]

Don’t Let Your Investments Get Washed Away Water damage is the most common cause of home insurance claims. In fact, some providers have reported costs relative to water damage claims in British Columbia alone have increased an astounding 205% since the year 2000. Canada has been noted as the only country in the G8, the […]

Water damage—it’s disruptive, costly to repair, and can create health problems.  It’s also the new leading cause of home insurance claims. On July 8th, 2013, the city of Toronto was hit with a record-breaking 126mm of rain in a mere seven hour period!  This storm of too much rain, falling way too fast overwhelmed the […]

Water damage continues to be the most common cause of insurance claims in Canada. Checking the following five key areas regularly can significantly reduce your risk of falling victim to Homeowner’s Public Enemy No. 1 – Water Damage: Your Roof – The First Line of Defence Have your roof inspected and have any damaged areas […]

We finally finished moving into our new home. It was great. We thought we’d done everything right. But shortly after we moved in we were burglarized. We should have taken the time to crime-proof our home! Here’s what we learned from the experience. Crime-Proof the Outside of Your Home Make it time-consuming to break into […]

Scared or prepared?  As news reports of severe weather seem to be on the rise, most Canadians recognize the importance of being prepared for an emergency.  Many even feel that an emergency is fairly imminent – within the next 10 years.  However, alarmingly many still report being unprepared.  Are there some simple precautions that you […]

For most people, home ownership represents their single largest financial investment. According to the 2013-2014 Canadian Homebuying Trends Report by RE/MAX, 71% of prospective purchasers surveyed in British Columbia believe that housing values will climb or remain the same in the next 12 months. Whether you are a new homeowner, about to renovate or sell, […]

Congratulations, you’ve just purchased your first investment property.  Or, maybe you’re a seasoned investor with a large portfolio of properties.  Or, maybe you don’t even think of yourself as a real estate investor – just someone who rents out the apartment you inherited from your uncle last year.  Regardless, you own valuable investment property which […]

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