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It’s about to get crowded out there, are you covered? Update January 24, 2020: RIDE-HAILING VEHICLES ARE NOW ON THE ROAD IN BC!  After a long journey, Uber and Lyft have finally arrived in Vancouver!  At Park Insurance, we have been following this developing story and our team is ready to assist you with all […]

image: courtesy of ICBC Looking for a good New Year’s resolution? How does a driver refresher test sound? OK, so it may not be as fun as your pledge to travel more and other self help initiatives but it is just as worthy of your attention if not more so. From city streets to highways, […]

Winter driving can be perilous enough for those without significant experience. But when it’s in BC, it takes on a whole other meaning, especially in light of recent events. With the official season on the way, Park Insurance is setting up a road map with tips to navigating our winter roads without increasing the risk […]

In March, ICBC rolled out a new driver’s license testing process for seniors over the age of 80. ICBC together with RoadSafetyBC and Vancouver’s GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre devised an updated framework for senior driver assessments for a Class 5 license. The new framework requires that applicable senior drivers submit a physician’s note (or a […]

IBC has launched a campaign to promote public awareness regarding insurance. The Know Your Policy campaign targets Canadians that may not fully understand what is covered by their policies and unless you’re a professional insurance broker, this target audience likely includes you. Let’s consider some statistics. Data shows that 23% of Canadians admit to not knowing […]

Distracted driving continues to be a major problem for Canada. On the east coast, Ontario is reporting that distracted driving is the leading cause of road deaths for the fourth consecutive year. News on the west coast is no different. To date, distracted driving contributes to more than one quarter of all car crash fatalities in B.C.. […]