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The BC south coast has started the new year under a blanket of mist. While autumn is considered to be official “fog season” in the province, the natural phenomenon can persist at any time of the year and occurrence is highly contingent upon region. For instance, fog along the Vancouver Island coast is very common in the […]

image: courtesy of ICBC Looking for a good New Year’s resolution? How does a driver refresher test sound? OK, so it may not be as fun as your pledge to travel more and other self help initiatives but it is just as worthy of your attention if not more so. From city streets to highways, […]

If you’ve been reading our recent articles on safe driving tips then you already know a bit about the impending ICBC changes and how the program will seek to make rates more fair. As of 2019, lower-risk drivers won’t be paying the same premiums as some high-risk drivers. For some, this is great news while for others […]

Are you tired of hearing about distracted driving? Us too. However, it remains a major problem in British Columbia, even with ICBC and the provincial government announcing a new set of changes that will have poor drivers pay higher insurance premiums beginning this autumn (2018). To help prepare everyone, a province wide distracted driving campaign kicked off […]

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the road, Park Insurance is here with yet another set of driver distractions that you need to be aware of. We know, you didn’t think it was possible given that we’ve delivered a comprehensive accounting of common driver diversions, along with this other popular […]

Driver fatigue is a combined form of psychological and physical fatigue that generally impairs the efficiency of anyone operating a motor vehicle. In British Columbia, there is an annual average of nine deaths and 620 injuries from 850 motor vehicle accidents involving driver fatigue. In August alone, driver fatigue is typically responsible for a total of 110 […]

After news broke that Greyhound Canada is permanently removing all BC routes (aside from Vancouver to Seattle) from its service, people from all over the British Columbia are scrambling to come up with solutions for their Western Canada travels when flights aren’t viable. While options from the private sector will soon rear their head, you can […]

October may have been Pedestrian Safety Awareness month in BC, but it is important to keep the campaign on your periphery all autumn and winter, especially if you’re a driver. ICBC studies show that 43 per cent of all crashes with pedestrians happen between October and January, so we’re far from in the clear as we […]

It’s “back to school” time here in BC and while it may be an exciting time for parents who can take a bit of a breather from kid-proofing the home during summer break, it sets the table for another set of concerns, on the road. Road safety awareness needs to be ramped up through school year, […]