Accessing ICBC Autoplan Amidst COVID-19

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Do you have an ICBC Autoplan renewal coming up? Do you need to purchase or update a policy? With the BC Government mandating social distancing amidst the COVID-19 health crisis you may be wondering what to do about upcoming ICBC Autoplan transactions. We’re happy to say that you can remove one concern from your list, as ICBC has adjusted their processes to accommodate these new dynamics. Park Insurance is here to assist you with this new process. But don’t worry, you don’t need to visit an office for most transactions. Here’s what you need to know.

How to Manage ICBC Policy Purchases, Updates, and Renewals Throughout COVID-19

Transact Autoplan Insurance FROM HOME

ICBC has adjusted Autoplan policy processes to account for the evolving health crisis. As of today, most transactions may be completed without visiting an office in-person. Instead they can be conducted by email or telephone. Remote processing is available for the following:

  • Autoplan policy renewals
  • Autoplan policy changes or cancellations  
  • Autoplan policy purchases (including Temporary Operation Permits)
  • New plates
  • Transfer of ownership
  • New registrations

What Steps You Need to Take

Park Insurance is here to support BC residents during this uncertain time, and we will help you with your ICBC Autoplan transactions. All that you need to do is take the following steps:

Step 1:     Go to our website at and fill in the form. It’s easy and just takes a minute! Please make sure the box to give us consent is ticked.*

*All vehicle owners MUST provide consent via email for their personal information and insurance forms to be sent by email, before we can process your transaction. If you call us first, we will be unable to proceed until you email your consent. This is a key step implemented by ICBC that we must follow.  

Step 2:     One of our experienced insurance advisors will contact you to discuss your unique needs. The following items may be required for some transactions:

  • A photo of your odometer (for potential low kilometre discount)
  • VOID cheque (if making account changes for monthly payment plan)
  • Transfer forms (if a transfer of vehicle ownership is taking place)

Step 3:   Once your transaction has been completed, you will receive an email with a copy of the decal and insurance documents. The hard copy of your insurance and the actual decal will then be sent to you by mail. Please keep a copy of your email in your car until your decal arrives.

Do you have any questions about these steps? You can find the answers to many FAQs here. You may also contact us at or call us directly at 604-659-3130 and we’ll walk you through it.

We know that your feelings of uncertainty are at an all-time high, but rest assured that we’re here for you through it all. We can continue to assist you with all of your insurance needs at this time.  Contact us today! We’re here to help.

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