How to Protect Your Business from Vandalism

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How to Protect Your Business from Vandalism

Whether driven by sociopolitical unrest or the random actions of malicious individuals, the concern about vandalism is always on the periphery for brick and mortar businesses. While prevention may seem out of the hands of commercial property owners there are some practical steps to be taken to minimize this risk. Here they are.

5 Practical Tips to Protecting Your Brick and Mortar Business from Deliberate Destruction of Property

Keep Your Shop/Office Front Well-Lit

This is a logical yet effective step to deter most acts of deliberate destruction. By shining a literal spotlight on the front of your shop or office exterior you scare away less-brazen vandals. Motion-detecting lighting systems are not enough as they will not be triggered by a projectile (rock, brick, etc.) being thrown from across the road.

Point Security Cameras Outward (and make them visible)

This is another logical measure that far too many businesses ignore. You may have security cameras inside of your establishment, but they likely point inwards to POS systems (cash register, etc.) and where valuable assets are stored. Add another camera or set of cameras (depending on the size of your property) and point them outwards to the street in front of your shop/office. More importantly, make them visible so that approaching mobs or individuals can clearly see them. This will deter most vandals. Be sure to place the security stickers that are provided by your system installer in a highly-visible space (front window, etc.) of your business exterior.

Remove Valuables from View When Closed

While vandalism born from sociopolitical unrest and/or erratic behavior does not begin with an intent to steal valuable products and equipment, it can escalate to that. Remove window displays and other “big ticket” items from view at the end of the day, or at least block this view via a sturdy shutter installation.

Get Better Commercial Insurance

No matter how well you prepare against the threat, vandalism can still happen. The only way to gain complete peace of mind is to ensure that you have the most comprehensive business insurance possible. Inclusions and riders that you can add to your coverage include commercial property, commercial crime, glass breakage, and business interruption. These policies should be considered essential. Do no assume that you are already covered for all of the related events. Instead, schedule a consultation with an independent broker at Park Insurance for a review of your existing policies.

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