Horror Stories Better Business Insurance Can Protect You From

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Insurance Horror Stories

All Hallow’s Eve is just around the corner. While the gang at Park Insurance is planning their office costume party, we thought we’d take a moment to shine a light on the needs of your brick and mortar business. But before you assume that this is another lofty article about how business insurance is an investment that provides peace of mind, take note that we’re here to sound an alarm. With each passing annum, the world gets crazier and crazier, to the point that it resembles a film genre that’s popular at this time of the year. That’s right, horror movies are the inspiration for this Halloween special. And if they have taught us anything, it’s that only the most prepared will make it out alive. Will your business do all it can to protect itself against the likely events below? Read ahead and consider the implications of not taking action today.

4 Types of Commercial Insurance That Will Protect Your Business from Horrifying Events That Could Actually Happen One Day

Zombie Attack

Best Defense: Commercial Property Insurance

Decades ago the prospect of a zombie apocalypse was laughable at best. But over the past few years media outlets from Global News to the NY Post have speculated about the possibility. Medical News Today has even reported on instances of zombies amongst us, while the National Library of Medicine released a report theorizing that an evolution of rabies may make a zombie virus a tangible threat.

Who are we to argue with science?

To protect your business, you must consider the impact zombies will have upon your shop or office. While dangerous, they are a dumb bunch. They lunge towards food (you, your staff, and customers/clients) without any regard for their own safety. As a result, they walk into glass, tip over product displays, bump into expensive equipment, and cause all sorts of damage. For this reason, you need to secure a comprehensive commercial property policy. Ensure that you add glass breakage insurance for good measure.

Space Invasion

Best Defense: Cyber Insurance

Let’s be honest, a space invasion is inevitable. Watchers from other worlds have seen what we’ve done with the place, and have had enough. They are planning their attack and when they do, they will pit our own technology against us. They will use their advanced tools to hijack and control the web-enabled devices that run our commercial spaces. They will introduce new forms of phishing that will allow them to mimic our executives and subsequently steal sensitive information. It’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers, digitized for 2022 and beyond! The invasion is already underway when one considers that we came off of a record year of digital attacks. Furthermore, you can no longer turn to your IT guy/gal for help as they may have already been compromised by the invaders. Instead, get comprehensive cyber insurance coverage right away.

The Haunting

Best Defense: Business Interruption Insurance

Unfortunately, a number of commercial property developers neglected to get builders/construction risk insurance over the last couple of decades. In neglecting to do so, they ignored signs that something was amiss with the land that they were building upon. They knew delays could cost hundreds of thousands or more. In bouts of blissful ignorance, they chalked strange occurrences during construction up to weather events. Climate change and all that. What they didn’t realize, was that they were building upon sacred grounds. In doing so, they have angered the specters within. As the years past these specters have learned to physically manifest their discontent, and will take it out upon the occupants of a given commercial space. Yours may be among them!

The haunting of a house is an inconvenience, but the haunting of a business will lead to significant financial burden. Mischievous ghosts will cause the power to go off without warning, and will perform all sorts of tricks to scare customers and clients away. Unless you know a great exorcist (check Yelp) your only protection against the disruption is business interruption insurance.

Rise of the Machines

Best Defense: Cargo Insurance

Classic sci-fi horror films such as the Terminator, Maximum Overdrive, and Christine have been predicting what’s to come. The machines will rise against us one day. When they do, supply chains will enter catastrophic territory. The takeover of autonomous planes, boats, trains, and automobiles (Tesla, anyone?) will result in damage and destruction of your business assets (products, goods, equipment, etc.) while in transit by air, land and sea. Moreover, your liability will skyrocket if your business is a part of the supply chain and charged with the care, custody, or control of a partner’s goods. Luckily, cargo insurance will protect you and your partners from this troublesome peril.

As you can see, your business has some very real threats to contend with. Park Insurance is by your side and offering the only way out. Contact us today to ensure that your enterprise doesn’t fall prey to the insurance horror stories above, and beyond.

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