Your home is one of your largest assets in your life and taking care of it is crucial in maintaining its longevity and value. As summer starts getting closer, the warm embrace of sunlight can create a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. However, prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can wreak havoc on your home’s interior and exterior if it isn’t properly cared for.   

Sun damage can lead to a variety of different issues such as faded furniture, cracked flooring, increased energy costs, and even potential health risks. Take the required steps to make sure your home is protected and preserved from the damage that UV rays can cause.  

Install Protective Window Treatments 

While you may love getting natural sunlight into your home, without the proper treatments, UV rays from the sun can be harmful to your interior surfaces. To mitigate sun damage, consider installing protective window treatments such as UV-blocking films, solar shades, or window tinting. Not only will these options reduce the amount of UV rays that come into your home, but they will also help prevent your home from getting extremely hot while still allowing natural light in. We also suggest utilizing curtains or blinds during peal sunlight hours to decrease heat and direct exposure to the sun.  

Apply UV-Protective Coatings 

In addition to your windows, the rest of your homes exterior surfaces should be protected. There are UV-protective coatings that you can apply to surfaces such as your roof, siding, and outdoor furniture. These work by acting as a barrier that protect against UV rays, increasing the longevity of these surfaces.  

Utilize Awnings and Shade Structures 

Strategic placement of awnings and shade structures can significantly reduce sun exposure and protect your home’s exterior. Awnings can be installed over windows, doors, and outdoor living areas, creating shade and preventing direct sunlight from entering your home. Shade structures like pergolas, gazebos, or patio umbrellas offer respite from the sun’s rays, minimizing damage to your outdoor furniture and preserving their look. 

Implement Landscaping Strategies 

Strategically placed trees, shrubs, and vines can reduce the amount of direct sunlight that reaches your home. Trees planted near windows and sun facing walls will provide shade during the summer, but still allow some sun exposure during the fall and winter seasons. If you are considering adding landscaping to cool down your home, make sure to speak with a professional landscaper to confirm the growth patterns of any trees or shrubs.  

Maintain Proper Insulation 

Are your attic and walls properly insulated? Proper insulation can reduce energy consumption, lower utility costs, and limit any strain on cooling systems during the summer months.  

Regularly Clean and Maintain Your Home 

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for preserving the integrity of your home and minimizing sun damage. Clean your windows, both inside and outside, to allow maximum natural light while removing any dirt or grime that can increase the effects of the sun. Make sure you inspect and maintain your home’s exterior surfaces, including roofs, siding, and outdoor structures, to identify any signs of damage or deterioration early on. 

Protecting your home from sun damage is a proactive investment in its long-term well-being. If there is any damage to your home specifically related to the sun outside of normal wear and tear, be sure to check your home insurance policy to see if you’re properly covered. 

Have questions about your existing or new home insurance policy? As always, one brokers would be more than happy to assist you with any of your home insurance questions.    


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