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Home security is a fairly robust term, encompassing your household’s entire spectrum of security hardware and personal security practices. The former includes everything from doors and locks to alarm systems and lighting while the latter addresses practices such as ensuring entries are locked, alarms are activated, windows are closed, and so forth. When you bring it all together […]

All over BC, some households mark the arrival of winter season with a vacation. For some it’s a tropical escape, for others a ski chalet retreat, but one thing that that remains consistent for all, is a vacated home. And that, invites risk. An empty home in the winter is more susceptible to damage and […]

The next time you visit your insurance broker, you may be provided the option of consenting to a credit check. No, your broker is not getting into the loan business. Instead, we’re helping BC residents find out if they qualify for insurance discounts that they didn’t know they were eligible for. That’s right – your […]

While the impact of forest fires on residential communities has received a lot of press over the last couple of years, cooking is consistently the leading cause of (determined) home fires and fire related injuries in British Columbia. This risk grows with the arrival of autumn and winter and all of the festivities that come […]

We’ve got some record breaking temperatures and hours of sun this summer in BC, and households with swimming pools are quickly becoming hot spots themselves. Friends and family members are coming out of the woodwork and neighborhood kids are joining in to make your backyard look more like the local community center. And while it […]

Long weekends in BC may not mean as much in the autumn and winter, but when spring arrives and summertime nears, it takes on a whole new persona, inviting residents to take full advantage of that extra 24-hours of playtime. While these long weekends mean more travel and adventure, they also equate greater risk. In […]

“Spring” cleaning, at any time of year, presents the opportunity to remove clutter and take an inventory of your possessions, it’s also a good time to take stock of the risks to the health and safety of your home, occupants, and potential visitors. Today, Park Insurance is here to shed light on some of the […]

We spend a lot of time delivering insurance tips regarding common homeowner concerns. Worried about weather damage, fires, break-ins, and fluctuations in the value of your home? Our insurance blog has you covered! But what about those unanticipated scenarios, the ones that range from amusing to downright comical, until they happen to you? These stories […]

Tsunami fears sent many coastal BC residents to higher ground this week, as a powerful 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off Alaska. While the alert was called off and the unsettling wave of concern has dissipated, the event has left many BC homeowners near saltwater waterways wondering; is the threat real, and if so, is there more […]