Forgot How to “Do” Summer? Here’s a Safety Refresher

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Summer Safety Tips

BC is in Stage 3 of the provincial reopening plan, which comes with a return to a large number of freedoms we enjoyed prior to the events of 2020. It just so happens that this coincides with the onset of summer. While every household will move forward responsibly with its own level of comfort, many will be taking full advantage of the liberty that Stage 3 affords. That said, we’ve all been so focused on how to stay healthy during the pandemic, that some have forgotten how to enjoy the season safely in traditional ways. As BC’s premier insurance broker, Park is here with a refresher. Let’s review!

Important Reminders for How to Enjoy a Summer Free of Insurance and Liability Concerns

Safe Driving on Summer Road trips

Provincial and interprovincial travel has opened up, which means “road trip” for many BC residents. Over the years, Park Insurance has put together thoughtful guides to reducing your risk of accidents and other highway concerns. Please review each before hitting the open road:

And please remember that while we’ve made great progress, we’re not out of the COVID woods quite yet. Review this guide to safe summer driving amidst COVID-19.

Safe Boating on BC Waterways

Nearly every BC resident has plans to go boating on the lakes, coastlines, and waterways of our great province. And while it affords your household with a healthy channel for outdoor summer fun, it most certainly comes with health and safety risks. Follow our guides below to make sure you, your passengers, and others who share the water with you remain free some safety and liability concern:

Safe Travels Across the Border

As of today (July 5/2021) eligible fully-vaccinated BC residents and Canadians can travel (land, sea, and air) to and from the U.S. without being required to quarantine or complete a day-8 COVID test upon return to Canada. Plans have been made, and flights/hotels in the U.S. have already been booked. If you are among those who will return to international travel, please heed the following:

Protecting Your Home in the Summer

Much of the attention has been focused on how to mitigate insurance and liability risk as you venture out into the province, country, and continent. However, if/when you do so, remember that your home remains vulnerable to a number of concerns. When out and about enjoying the season, the risk of fire or water damage is inflated, as is the threat of break-ins. Then there is the impact that climate change is having on properties. Other threats are increased by hosting household gatherings, or simply by having the kids home (from school) for a greater number of hours. Below are links to resources that Park has prepared to consider them all:

In addition to everything laid out in our refresher above, please do review BC’s Restart Plan to ensure that you’re in compliance. Before you head out to enjoy a return to semi-normal this summer, schedule a consultation with Park Insurance and receive a complete health check of your insurance policies.

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